This site contains images of paintings that display the naked male form. You may see images of men doing things with other men’s bodies that you have never seen before.

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Welcome to my world of erotic art! I’ve created this website for you the fan and collector of the male form. One of the most frequently asked questions I get asked is, “Where do you get your ideas?” I need only look at my hard dick for that answer. If I see something that turns me on enough, I will paint or draw it. Sometimes it’s just the wrinkles on the sheets next to a naked man on a bed…the backlit glow of hair, on a muscular leg, torso or crotch. Or maybe its sunlight reflecting on water and casting bright sparkles on a muscled man wading in the ocean. My nude models serve as my best inspiration. I also have a photographic memory and some of my memories become visions that I feel obsessed with sharing with the rest of the world. However not everything you see here is necessarily a fantasy of mine. Sometimes I have friends and art collectors that give me ideas that I find so intriguing I have to bring these images to the material plane.

Painting the male figure is a meditation for me. I worship every millimeter of skin, every hair, and every muscle with my brush. My models are often friends and lovers. I work using oils on canvas, graphite pencils or gouache on paper. My subject content can range from subtle classical nudes to pornographic images of men is sexual ecstasy. I create sensual and erotic images to illustrate the mysterious, the occult, the forbidden. I especially enjoy adding a humorous twist on homosexuality, politics, religion and icons. Peter Paul Rubens, George Quaintence, Paul Cadmus and Tom of Finland are among the artists who continue to influence my work. I hope to excite the viewer visually, emotionally, as well as spiritually. It is my goal as an artist and sexually active gay man, to paint erotica that continually challenges the views of people who oppose sexual freedom. If my paintings assist the viewer in discovering where they are in the spectrum of human sexuality, then my aim is reaching its target.

Thank yous

I have to thank Eduardo, my partner
of 30 years, for putting up with my unprofessional nude model photo sessions, the boring art openings I drag him to, the time I need to spend away from him to paint, frame or exhibit my art. Without his devotion and understanding, I couldn’t be an artist.

Also thanks to my talented Webmaster Andrew, for building my websites for the past 22 years and giving me technical assistance. I’m terribly impatient with computers I’d rather spend my time painting.