Photo of artist Marc DeBauch standing in his studio.

New Website Launch

Welcome to the new home for my artwork on the web. You may have seen me on Twitter, Tumblr, Tom of Finland Foundation, Art MIA, Fine Art America, or in your daddy’s or mama’s private art collection. You can still find me in all of those places, but this site will be the definitive collection of my artwork online.

I’ll be frequently adding new artwork to my galleries. I’ll also add new images to this News page so you can easily find the latest updates. I’ll also post alerts about any new magazines, collections, or gallery shows that I am part of.






8 responses to “New Website Launch”

  1. John Gordon Avatar
    John Gordon

    I love you artwork. The colors and fanasties and of course the big dicks.

    1. Marc Debauch Avatar

      thanks for the compliments John! more big dicks to come (pun intended)

  2. Michael Avatar

    Amazing work! I love it! You are a talented artist. Kudos to you! Yes, I love the big dick and balls!

    1. Marc Debauch Avatar

      thanks Michael! i love big dicks too (obviously)

  3. steve Avatar

    You really capture the imagination of the homo male–you paint male fantasies…
    Keep it up!

  4. Juan Patricio Avatar
    Juan Patricio

    Muchas gracias por haber creado la “Ultima Tentacion de Cristo” en verdad gracias a esa imagen mi vision acerca del satanismo ha ido creciendo y madurando. Muchas gracias por crear estas obras de arte. Y sigue creando nuevas obras y bajo esa vision de la ultima tentacion… Gran trabajo sigue creando nunca pares… Tienes a nuestra disposicion esa obra a la venta??

    1. Marc Debauch Avatar

      Thanks for the complements on my art and the “Last Temptation of Christ”! The original painting is SOLD but I have 11″ x11″ laser prints available for $35 plus shipping

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