Rainbow Portrait

© 2020, gouache on paper, 11″x 14″, SOLD






4 responses to “Rainbow Portrait”

  1. Rodney Braude Avatar
    Rodney Braude

    Love all of your work Marc!!


  2. Mike Avatar

    I saw one of your paintings on twitter. I immediately thought how hot. It was a guy in leather on chair with a Hardin and another guy licking his boots with hardon. But best part was the dog with hardon dripping from his Vick. Do you have mor like that with k9?

    1. Marc Debauch Avatar

      Thanks for your comments! Glad you enjoy my doggies and leather. I had more canine images but I sold them already. I’ve morphed my canine art into my werewolf series, which you can see in the Horror gallery. But if you want to commission something specific, I’m open to t.

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