Marc DeBauch


Thank you for your interest and support of my art. I hope to provide you with the right options for you to have my art in your home or give as a gift.


Because of my highly sexual X-Rated themes, it can be difficult to find friendly printers to reproduce my art. Most companies won’t reproduce the artist’s work that show genital penetration or even an erection.  

However, some of my tamer images that don’t show any penetration, touching, kissing or body fluids, are available as prints, greeting cards, tote bags, shower curtains, phone cases, duvet covers, phone cases, framed prints, throw pillows, T-shirts, and more on my Print & Reproductions Store.


All of the X-Rated images on this website are available as greeting cards and prints because I print those myself. However, my print size and greeting cards are limited to the following sizes: 

Prints are $30 for 11” x 8 ½’ or $60 for 13”x19” US shipping is $12.

Greeting cards are $6 each, (you can’t buy these at HALLMARK!), measure 5 ½”x 4 ¼” and include envelopes. The minimum order is $30 for 5 cards (any title mix or match); add $12 for US shipping and handling. I can accept credit cards using PayPal and Square Up invoices, which I can email to you.

To order, simply email me the title of the drawing or painting, the size, and quantity of the print or greeting card, along with the address where you want the art shipped to. I will then send you a PayPal and Square Up invoice. I can usually ship out the day I receive your payment.


Creating customized art for connoisseurs of erotica is my specialty. Having produced illustrations for publications, organizations, and private collectors, I understand the sensitivity and detailed nature of erotic ideas, as well as meeting deadlines.  If there is a special fantasy, scene or portrait you would like created in a painting or drawing, I am more than willing to work from your photographs or rough sketches. However, if you want a portrait of someone, I need high-resolution, quality photographs of the face of the subject in the correct anatomical pose to go with your idea. All commissions require a contract detailing the custom artwork specifications.  Payment in full is due BEFORE work on your customized art can begin.

Shipping is NOT included in the price, as size and weight may vary according to each piece.  I insure the art for full value. Please note shipping costs for sales outside the USA may be higher if there are customs fees for importing art into your country. Please allow one week delivery for original art.

For payment, I can accept credit cards using PayPal and Square Up invoices, which I can email to you. Or for a large purchase, we can work together to create a monthly payment schedule that is affordable for your budget. Simply email me your idea.


When you buy an original painting or drawing from me, all your money is going to directly support a living artist and the local community around me. There are no gallery fees or commissions that I’m paying to any agent or corporation. Your purchase will come with a certificate of authenticity that states the title, size, medium and year of creation.

To Order, Email me the title of the painting or drawing you wish to purchase, along with your shipping address.  I will create the invoice and email it to you. You can pay safely and securely online with Square Register or PayPal.

Or if you prefer you can mail me bank cashier’s checks and postal money orders, but please email me first so we can get the price and shipping correct. 



This site contains images of paintings that display the naked male form. You may see images of men doing things with other men’s bodies that you have never seen before.

If you are over 18 and want to see fantastic artwork featuring male nudes, then proceed.